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Few months ago I tested 4 new sites – I uploaded around 300 vector illustrations and then I was waiting for first sales – on some sites it takes 4 month, but not on Depositphotosthe first sale was there just a few hours after accepting the first batch of files and the sales are still going up. So lets write more info about this agency for potential contributors.

Depositphotos microstock agency homepage


If you want to sell your photos and illustrations on Depositphotos, you have to do few steps:

  1. Register on the site as a seller
  2. Upload 5 your best images for evaluation
  3. When your images are accepted (it tooks about 7 days) you can start uploading (they are approving images within one day, I have the acceptance ratio 99.82% with portfolio containing more than 1000 images)

Image requirements


  • minimum size 3.8 Megapixels (around 2400×1600)
  • JPG format in RGB

Vector illustrations:

  • JPG preview with illustration in EPS format together in one ZIP file (same as on Fotolia)
  • JPG preview must have minimum size 3.8 Megapixels (around 2400×1600)
  • EPS in version 8 or 10 or source AI file

Upload process

Uploading is very easy – you can use FTP, and then you just have to add usual information (title, description, keywords – you should have them in IPTC) + select 1–3 categories. That’s all.


You can be exclusive photograph on this site, but I think, that exclusivity can have some sense only on iStock.

This site is similar to Fotolia also with it’s rank system – the more sales you will do, the higher rank/level you will reach and you will get higher share (44% – 52%).

The sales are quite small, prices start on 0.22$ (extra small image, credits purchase) – 3.96$ (XXXL or vector image, credits purchase), 0.30$ (subscription), 0.24$ (Pay by Phone – SMS image), but the number of sales is quite interesting.

Minimum balance for withdraw is 50$, money can be send via PayPal, Moneybookers or Webmoney.

Special program for high-volume photographers

If you have more photos/illustra­tions, you should ask for this special program. Why? Because:

  • they will help you with upload (they can add categories or help with model releases)
  • your images will get higher positions in search results (it means that you will sell more)
  • you will get special VIP status (top priority with image inspectors)
  • participation in the Photographer Promotion Program – you will get 0.10$ per image just for upload – up to 50$ (500 photos).

I found this program just few days ago, when I was preparing the site review. So I asked for it and I got it – I’m getting the bonuses for uploading, image inspectors are submitting my images (they are selecting the right categories + they also fixed some problems with keywords, that I have in IPTC).

Real earnigns

Here is simple table showing my earnings from the first upload on Depositphotos:

Month Sales Earnings Portfolio size
March 23 6.76$ 294
April 52 15.91$ 331
May 75 23.92$ 453
June 92 34.38$ 475
July 177 73.06$ 789


To be fair, Depositphotos is not the agency from the top 5, but it is attaching this position. If the sales will be as good as they are now (when I’m uploading all my illustrations), then it will be nice. We will see in following months.

So if you are already uploading to main agencies (Shutterstock, Dreamstime, iStockphoto, Fotolia, BigStockPhoto, 123RF) and you want to upload to some other one, try Depositphotos. If you have bigger portfolio (around 2000 images, ask for Special Program and earn money just with the uploading. To be fair, I think that Depositphotos can be even better than BigStock or 123rf (I will inform you after few months).

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