Are you a graphic artist looking for work? Try drawing / taking photos for microstocks – seasonal work, a second income or full-time work

I run into classified ads in which graphic artists are looking for work all the time on the internet. I would like to recommend to them one source of income thanks to which they will be independent, free, can work from the warmth of home and if it goes well for them they will also be well provided for financially. It is drawing for microstocks.

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I’m back! Site will be updated soon…

I'm backSorry for the delay (7 months), but now this site should be updated more often (I really want to work on it).

There were several reasons for this delay. The main one was, that I didn’t have enough time, because of moving from flat to house (we are still working on adjustment of our new house), new baby in family (lovely Anna, now she will have 10 months). So I spent more day time with family and night time with Adobe Illustrator (I have to feed the microstock beast more, because I need money for my mortgage).

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