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The best microstock sites for selling photos, illustrations, footage, flash | Selling graphics | Stock sites | Selling Graphics

The best microstock sites for selling photos, illustrations, footage, flash

In the following article I have written down some details about the best microstock sites for photographers and graphic artists. If you are just a beginner in the microstock world, then I can recommend you to start with Dreamstime and after you have a portfolio about 50 images, try your luck on the Shutterstock.

The best selling sites

I created a graph, where you can compare the earnings according to the portfolio size:

Graph displaying earnings on the best microstock sites

All data are from my portfolios on microstock sites from the last year (2008). As you can see, my best (and not only mine) site is Shutterstock.


Shutterstock is the microstock agency with the biggest portfolio (more than 6 mil. images) and with the biggest selling potential for contributors – Shutterstock generates for me the biggest income. This site is based on subscription model, so the prices for one sale are one of the smallest (but the number of sales is amazing).

They accept: photos, illustrations (jpg, eps format), footage
Registration page: Shutterstock


  • The biggest income – see the graph above
  • Quick sales – first sales comes within few hours after accepting your images
  • Short pending times – from few hours to one or two days


  • You have to add new images every week; otherwise the sales will go down quite quickly
  • It is hard to be accepted (most of the contributors have to try it several times) – the image inspectors are really tough when reviewing yours first ten pictures.

You can read more about this agency in the Shutterstock category of this site


They accept: photos, illustrations (jpg, eps format)
Registration page: Dreamstime


  • The easiest microstock agency for start selling photos and illustrations
  • Older pictures are still selling well


  • Sometimes a bigger reviewing time – one week and more

You can read more about this agency in the Dreamstime category of this site


They accept: photos, illustrations (jpg, eps format), footage
Registration page: Stockxpert


  • Older pictures are still selling well


  • At the beginning they want 3 sample files for review


Quite a good site – from autumn 2008 the sales went up

They accept: photos, illustrations (jpg, svg format), footage
Registration page: Fotolia


  • No review at the beginning – you don’t have to send them sample files
  • Older pictures are still selling well


  • Smaller sales
  • Quite small commissions for non exclusive members/pictures
  • Vectors must be in SVG format

You can read more about this agency in the Fotolia category of this site


I have no illustrations there yet and also only few photos (because of the tough reviewers). But iStock is one of the top agencies with the best content and also the earnings per one picture is one of the highest.

They accept: photos, illustrations (jpg, eps format), footage, flash, audio
Registration page: iStockphoto


  • For somebody the best agency – lot of benefits for exclusive members
  • The highest earnings per one image


  • Tough registration – you have to pass the test and then send 3 sample files (if you are not accepted, you can repeat after one week, then after 2 weeks, then after month, two months, six months, one year…) and the reasons for rejection are not described well.
  • Even if you pass, the reviewers are still tough – more than 50% of my photos (which are selling well on other sites) were not accepted.
  • Complicated system for submitting photos and even more complicated for illustrations.

You can read more about this agency in the iStockPhoto category of this site


They accept: photos, illustrations (jpg, eps format)
Registration page: BigStockPhoto


  • No review at the beginning – you don’t have to send them sample files


  • Smaller sales
  • Longer approval times


They accept: photos, illustrations (jpg, eps format)
Registration page: 123RF


  • They accept nearly everything
  • You don’t need to select categories – one of the quickest submitting system


  • Small sales


I have here quite a small portfolio, so I will add some info later.

They accept: photos, illustrations (jpg, eps format), flash
Registration page: Crestock


  • You don’t need to select categories


  • Small sales
  • Tough reviewers

I will add more information later and also will add some more agencies.

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you have missed the newish http://vector­ site. It has some good designs on it and its pretty nice and simple to browse too. They do not seem to have photos, just vectors :)


I'm new at this. Just wondering – can you submit the same photos to each agency?


[2] Sure, that you can! Some agencies offer exclusivity for photographers – then the photographers get higher rewards from each sale, their photos have better positions when searching and have other benefits – but once you are exclusive somewhere, you can't submit your photos on some other microsotck site.

So until you are not exclusive somewhere, you can submit your photos on other sites, sell them on your own site, give them for free… whatever.


How on earth did you come up with iStock paying best for photos? Huh?
The are the bottom of the barrel and their arrogance and abuse of contributors is slowly making people go away from their site. A rip-off site and yet you say some unbelievable lie about their „best“ commissions…


Hi Carson,
I didn't write, that iStock is the best agency, only that the earnings for one image are the best there. The problem is, that it is really hard to get the images there!

Their upload process it terrible – it is the worst upload process, that I have ever seen. I have there only 50 images, but some of them are selling nearly every day…


Hi Orson!
There is alot of great information here.
Can you check out Pixmac and let me know what you think?
We are a fotolia partner.


Hi Orson

I was wondering about what kind of rights these stock houses let me retain on my photos. If I give them photos to sell, do they own ALL rights to those photos in perpetuity? Or do they only own some rights to them for a period of time?

I am not crazy about giving up all rights to my shots forever…

Help me understand that process…




Hi Mariner,
They own only some rights – you should read for example the Shutterstock Submitter Terms of Service

You are still the owner of all rights, and can sell your pictures on other sites (check also what the Royalty-free licence means on Wikipedia: Royalty-free).


Do you know anything about the stock motion graphics / animation industry? would like to partner with someone.
I have a collection of HD content that I'm going to market somewhere. Also have a few illustrations, but I'm not really banking on making much on my limited collection of vector illustrations


you can try to sell it on the sites, which are selling footage:

I dont know about any site, which is specialized just to animations.


As new microstock site is http://submit­.depositphotos­.com with Photographer Promotion Program. Site pay $0.20 for every single original photo, upload for sale to our library, up to 500 photos.


New Flash, Flex files Microstock with best author program over the internet.
Join http://flcompo­­nup.

Authors receive form 70% up to 80% from every sold item.


I Recommend
I was very pleased with their upload process. You need submit only .eps files, no .jpg preview for vectors. They accept photos and footage too.


mens gadgets – At World Of Gadgets we are continually updating our range of exciting new gadgets gizmos and novelty clothing/items to accomodate all tastes.


Hello everybody! Try That's stock photo agency with the lowest rates on the market!


and also check http://www.cli­
Custom Royalty-free Videos, Photos and Vector


New site started now :)


Thanks for creating a great resource on the whole microstock world. I have read a lot of this blog with relish. I just wanted you to know I referred to this page from my blog. I wrote a brief article on making money from illustration.­…rati­ons.html Thanks again.


Hello Orson. Its quite informative article. Thank you for sharing your views. I am new to photography world but my photographs have won some local(by clubs) and state level awards and prizes though i feel i need to learn a lot. But want to try in some microstock sites.
Can you suggest few or only site to start with ? I read your suggested Dreamstime but i want to few other options as well and if its only Dreamstime then why do you think this is best for beginners ?
Expecting to see your reply soon. thanking you in advance.


the best one is Shutterstock then is Fotolia and Dreamstime, So you should start with those 3 agencies, that's my recommendation.


Thank you for the reply Mr Orson.. I have started submitting my photos in dreamstime,fotolia and 123rf.
I want to tell you that 10 out of 15 images get selected in 123RF but with same set of images.. Dreamstime- selected 3 and Fotolia-
so I wanna concentrate on 123Rf & Dreamstime only along with Shutterstock,
but i am really affraid to try shuterstock as rejection in shutterstock and no more try before 1months… but as your review about earning attracting me for SS.
Is there any of your articles with suggestions atleast to get selected in SS with 10 images ?
Thanking you.



Hi Saurabh,
you should try the Shutterstock also, if you fail, you can try again and again. Better try it now, than later :)

I wrote some suggestions for newbies about Shutterstock. You can find it here: 10 tips for photographers in order to get accepted by ShutterStock


Thank you Mr Orso. I have already read your this article and i feel it would be very helpful. I have ready with my 10 sets of photo for Shutterstock and also for ISTOCK .
But please answer my last doubt before i submit the photos. Do we need to attach model release document also while sending photos for approval in SS and IS FOR 1ST TIME ?
Thank you.


Yes, you need the Model Release also for the first upload.


Hello,Mr.Orson can I ask you a question. I have a problem uploading my samples at istockphoto. It says error its not a valid zip file. Do you know how to fix that? thanks and godbless.


I know this error – just try another web browser!

I wrote about it here: iStockPhoto: Your uploaded sample file is not a valid ZIP file


http://www.Edi­ is focused on high quality 3D/2D animations, backgrounds, loops, broadcast designs and visualisations. 3D artists, freelancers, designers, animators for hire.


Hi! Thank you for taking the time share this information!

I will agree about Shatterstock and my question is mainly for it but if you know about the other agencies as well (mainly iStockphoto) your input is very welcomed!!

My question is based on a real scenario I deal with this period: Lets say I get a project that I have to deliver in 4 weeks and I need 3 weeks to continuously work on it. This leaves me a week this month to work on my stock illustration and in this week I can produce, let's say, 8 illustrations… Now the question is this: Is it to my best interest to upload 2 of them every week or 5 of them in the first week and 1 every week after that or to upload all of them and have my next uploading after 4 weeks?

Tricky hah?! lol

I hope you have an answer for this Q cause this matter will really trouble my until I become a full-time mickrostocker…

I wish you the best and Thank you again!!

P.S. I guess the same question stands for you and every other full-time mikrostocker if, for instance, you want to take a 3 week vacation. Would it be better then to leave some files aside in order to keep the machine oiled?? lol


There is a new application for android phones, devices and tablets to check your earnings in Dreamstime and 28 more agencies in your devices…. thats amazing. You can check in mobile: http://slideme­.org/…stock-report
Just go and search Microstock Report in the search and youll see this application. Its very amazing for us that are photographers. We can see all of our new earnings live on our mobile.

The agencies included are:
Visco Images

If you have more than one agency, this app is impressive


Hi Jo-Kerr,
the best is to submit around 10 – 20 illustration per week (regullary). If you are able to produce onlz 10 illustrations per month, then I think is better to submit it together.

When I'm leaving for more than one week, I prepare some simple illustrations and submit them from my holidays.


If is a legitimate business why won't they provide me – I am a contributor there – with their tax identification number?


Hello Mr Orson..
i am now member of all major microstock sites (including SS) and have sold quite many images though have yet small collection. But i want to thank you for your tips and advice that helped me to get into SS.
I have been looking for new articles and report on different sites in your site but either you are busy some where else or i am missing here something.
Eagerly waiting for your reports at stock sites and also some more tips..!
Have a nice day.

Andrew Penniall

Hi, it. Says on your site that Bigstock and fotolia have no reviewing at the beginning, but both sites reviewed my photos and every time they turn them down.


Hi Andrew,
sure, nearly all microstock sites are reviewing all images once you upload them. The difference is, that some of them want't to review the photographer – i.e. you have to upload there sample images and they decide, if you are good enough for them. If not, you will get another chance after month.

On Bigstock, Fotolia you can upload immediately and if they refuse your images, you can upload some new anytime.


Hi man,

Just wanted to know what you recommend as second best to shutterstock, I just got denied for the second time and I really need to start earning from my photos so which site is second best ?



Hi Luke,
right now, on the second place is Fotolia, third is Dreamstime and then 123rf and Deposit Photos


Do you formally register your copyright with the government?


NO, I read about it once, but it is too expensive/time consuming. And you? Do you register yours?


In the past I haven't held copyright. There is a form that allows you to register a group of illustrations and keep adding to it, rather than paying $45 for each one. When/if I find out more I'll let you know.


I just have phoos of sunrises, sunsets and insects.
what are the best best images to submit?


Hi, you can look at most popular images on each site Those are the best selling images.


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Best microstock sites

This list is sorted according to contributors - the most valuable sites first:

Shutterstock Shutterstock
Fotolia Fotolia
Dreamstime Dreamstime
iStockphoto iStockphoto
Bigstock BigStock
123rf 123RF
Crestock Crestock
Graphic Leftovers Graphic Leftovers
Depositphotos Depositphotos

Read more info about those agencies.

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