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Selling Graphics

T-shirts for graphic designers and bikers

After more than one year here is a new article – this one will be about my new project. My microstock portfolios are going well, so I decided to make some pause and do something just for fun. I always wanted to design some T-shirts and because I love biking and graphic design, I created several t-shirts for bikers, graphic designers and also IT geeks.

How to pass iStockphoto Logo Design Application Quiz

Did you know, that you can sell logo designs on microstock? Well one of the sites, where you can sell your logo designs and suggestions is iStockphoto. In this article you will find the right answers for iStock's Logo Design Application Quiz (check also the quiz for vector illustrators and for photographers). The quiz is really easy – only 12 questions (and if you do some mistake, you can go back a fix it). Don't forget to read the iStockphoto Logo Training Manual – it will save you some rejections.

Free Forrst invite

I have one free Forrst invitation for you (I know Forrst is not as good as Dribbble, but it is good start for you – if you have Forrst account you have better chance to get Dribbble invitation).

Do you want it? It is quite simple, just follow these simple steps:

Are you a graphic artist looking for work? Try drawing / taking photos for microstocks - seasonal work, a second income or full-time work

I run into classified ads in which graphic artists are looking for work all the time on the internet. I would like to recommend to them one source of income thanks to which they will be independent, free, can work from the warmth of home and if it goes well for them they will also be well provided for financially. It is drawing for microstocks.

Free Dribbble invite

I have one free dribbble invitation for you (if you don't know, what Dribble is, than I think you don't need it, but you can check the dribbble site).

Do you want it? It is quite simple, just follow these simple steps:

Microstock file formats for uploading vector illustrations

Every Microstock agency use a bit different upload system – specially for vector images. On some sites you need JPG preview with EPS file with same filename, on others you need to have it packed in a ZIP file, somewhere you need big JPG preview and some sites needs just EPS. Here is a simple overview of all bigger microstock sites with their file format requirements for vector illustrations.

Dreamstime: 25% OFF for all images if you are a student

Microstock agency Dreamstime will give you 25% off on all images and subscription packages if you are a student. This sale is valid for the whole September 2011. You just need to send a photo of your student ID.

Even more, you can win a one of five iPad 2! So what are you waiting for? Sign up for free! and then upload your Student ID here.

Depositphotos - small, but profitable microstock agency

Few months ago I tested 4 new sites – I uploaded around 300 vector illustrations and then I was waiting for first sales – on some sites it takes 4 month, but not on Depositphotosthe first sale was there just a few hours after accepting the first batch of files and the sales are still going up. So lets write more info about this agency for potential contributors.

Discount code for Depositphotos - credits

Discount coupon for Depositphotos: 15% discount to buy credits on Depositphotos with this code: DC927947

This code is valid until September 2012.

Discount code for Depositphotos - subscription

Discount coupon for Depositphotos: 15% discount to buy any subscription on Depositphotos with this code: DS574585

This code is valid until September 2012.

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Best microstock sites

This list is sorted according to contributors - the most valuable sites first:

Shutterstock Shutterstock
Fotolia Fotolia
Dreamstime Dreamstime
iStockphoto iStockphoto
Bigstock BigStock
123rf 123RF
Crestock Crestock
Graphic Leftovers Graphic Leftovers
Depositphotos Depositphotos

Read more info about those agencies.

Do you want to buy images?

Big microstock sites review with comparison of the prices, portfolio and subscription programs


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My latest illustrations

Spring floral heart
Spring floral heart



My T-shirts for Graphic Designers

Creative T-shirts
There are also T-shirts for bikers, geeks and other creative stuff.

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Free Dribbble invite

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