How to set illustration’s color mode to RGB

Sometimes Shutterstock rejects some of my illustration with this message:

Color Profiles – Your image contains both RGB and CMYK color profiles. Please resubmit your vector with only 1 color profile.

The problem is that I used (during the drawing of this illustration) some CMYK color – maybe I took if from some swatch, or I used part of some other illustration, which was in CMYK mode. It is quite easy to convert illustration back to one – RGB – color mode.

Just open the illustration in Adobe Illustrator (tested in version CS3) and use
File / Document Color Mode / RGB Color save and reupload on the stock site


  1. Is it safe to save my eps 8 file in RGB global??
    When I finished my artwork in RGB document mode, i go to the swatch palette and Add Selected color. The colour that is added to the swatch palette was in RGB global( colour with triangle sign).

    Is it safe???

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