How to pass iStockphoto Flash Developer Application Quiz

Well this is another article about iStockphoto application quiz (check the quiz for vector illustrators and for photographers) – this time for flash developers. The quiz is really easy and consists of four questions only. Don’t forget to read the Stock Flash Training Manual before uploading your flash files (it will save you some rejections).

  1. Using artwork and embedding it in flash files can be problematic, what’s up with this file?

    The main subject of this file is a dingbat or a font

  2. The above example shows a Flash composition containing text elements. What is wrong with this illustration?

    This file contains unconverted text elements

  3. Which of the above folders contains the correct file formats to upload to

    The folder containing the fla, txt, swf file

  4. iStock needs files that are easy for clients to edit when they download them. What is wrong with the above example?

    The actions and labels layers are not labeled

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