T-shirts for graphic designers and bikers

T-shirts for graphic designers, bikers, geeks...After more than one year here is a new article – this one will be about my new project. My microstock portfolios are going well, so I decided to make some pause and do something just for fun. I always wanted to design some T-shirts and because I love biking and graphic design, I created several t-shirts for bikers, graphic designers and also IT geeks.

At the beginning I offered it only on my local Czech eshop ilutrika.cz, but after few months I decided to go to some international marketplace and created an account on Zazzle.

Here is my Zazzle e-shop with T-shirts for designers and bikers, I use the same name as on the Czech one: iluTRIKA – something like „illustrated t-shirts“ in Czech.

My best t-shirts for graphic designers

The first one is for Adobe Illustrator lovers, I have also version for Photoshop lovers:

T-shirt for Adobe Illustrator lovers

Some designers prefer standard pencil to digital equipment:

T-shirt with standard pencil for graphic artists

If you are designing for print, you have to use CMYK color mode (and not RGB), so you can buy CMYK t-shirt!

CMYK t-shirt for (offline) print designers

The online graphic web designers will enjoy this t-shirt with lettering Make the logo bigger

Make the logo bigger t-shirt

And here is also one t-shirt for photographers (you can use it for events, where you will need some press card :))

T-shirt with fake press card

Some t-shirts for bikers and bicycle lovers

I love biking! This year I bought my new bike (Trek X-caliber) and that was also the reason, why I don’t have much time for updating Sellinggraphics site :) I did more than 3000 km this year!

Biker on the road made from bike chain:

Biker on the road t-shirt

I love my bike, I really do! This was my first t-shirt, that I bought for myself.

I love my bike t-shirt (heart)

I use same elements for more designs, here is one of them:

Bycicle pirate t-shirt

Another t-shirt with heart symbol for bikers:

Love my bike t-shirt

And some simple bike design

Graffito bike shirt

Best t-shirts for IT geeks

My first computer was Sinclair ZX Spectrum:

Sinclai ZX Spectrum T-shirt

My second computer was Commodore C64, do you remember those violet color?T-shirt for Commodore C64 fans

And do you know, how to recognize the true geek? Check his glasses!

T-shirt with painted pocket and geek's glasses in it.

Some funny t-shirts

Winter is here, buy some warm sweater t-shirts with classical pattern:

Sweater t-shirt

For summer you can buy this t-shirt with sunglasses:

Summer t-shirt with glasses

This is not all, there are more on my t-shirts e-shop!

Do you like them?

Which one is the best?

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