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This site was created for graphic artists, designers and photographers who want to sell their illustrations and pictures on the web. The other target group is the photo and illustration buyers, who can find here useful information about current events in microstock agencies.

Who am I?

My Portfolio

My portfolio

Check my portfolio on Dreamstime.

My name is Petr Václavek (my nickname is Orson), I’m an amateur photographer and graphic designer – I work as a senior front-end developer in one international company. I’m using microstock agencies for more than three years for:

  • Selling my work – I have a portfolio of more than 1000 photos and illustrations (mostly illustrations) on nearly 10 microstock sites.
  • Buying graphics – I work as a web designer and need quite often some illustration or photo for designing web sites.

What are the goals of this site?

  • To help graphic designers sell their illustrations better (and the same for photographers and theirs photos)
  • To help microstock buyers find better images quicker and cheaper.

If you have any question, feel free and contact me via email or leave me some comment here on the site.


  1. Hi Petr,

    I found your site via Google. I am a microstock vector contributor myself since approx. one year.

    I once wanted to make a site like this, but didn’t have the time and knowledge to do so. I find it very interesting and useful.

    Especially the fact of october and november being the best months in microstock, which I didn’t know. I had a great october in terms of sales, and november is turning out to be even better. I’m excited to see how much below average december and january is going to be for me (and everyone else).

    Well, great site. I’m going to stick around a little checking out your articles and such, but I am bookmarking your site for future visits.

    By the way, I recognize several of your illustrations on Shutterstock for being regularly represented in the top 50


  2. Hi Orson/Petr
    Thanks for your work here, it is rare for a site to answer my questions so directly and completely. How refreshing!
    This is my do-it-now step for the book I am reading…The 4 hour work week by Tim Ferris.
    Thanks for the info, I am bookmarking now.

  3. Thanks for writing good and encouraging articles! It helps me keep doing what i’m doing. I love making graphics.

    May our Heavenly Father & Jesus bless you.

  4. Hello,
    I bought your „Vector Retro colorfull leafs texture with sample text (autumn sale)“ on Shutterstock (Image # : 143841004).

    Could you tell me the name of the font you use for autumn?

    Many thanks.

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