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Microstock file formats for uploading vector illustrations | Selling graphics | Stock sites | Selling Graphics

Microstock file formats for uploading vector illustrations

Every Microstock agency use a bit different upload system – specially for vector images. On some sites you need JPG preview with EPS file with same filename, on others you need to have it packed in a ZIP file, somewhere you need big JPG preview and some sites needs just EPS. Here is a simple overview of all bigger microstock sites with their file format requirements for vector illustrations.


  • EPS + JPG with same filename
  • EPS format 8 or 10
  • Maximum filesize 15MB
  • JPG preview should be 700 – 900px (but they accept also bigger, max. 25 MPx)


  • EPS + JPG packed in one ZIP file
  • EPS format 8 or 10, AI
  • Maximum filesize 2MB (this is what they have written on the site, but they accept bigger without any problem – up to 15 MB)


  • JPG, EPS you have to upload manually as additional format
  • EPS format 8 or 10, AI, CDR
  • JPG preview should be bigger
  • There is no limit for file size


  • You have to upload all manually
  • EPS format 8
  • JPG preview must have dimensions at least 1900×2800 px
  • Illustrations couldn't contain open paths an texts


  • EPS + JPG with same filename
  • EPS format 8 or 10


  • Formats: AI, EPS 8 or 10, PDF, PNG or PSD
  • You don't need to upload JPG preview, they will generate it automatically – if you upload it, you will have 2 versions (bitmap and vector) in your portfolio
  • Bigstock can read IPTC information from the EPS, not from the JPG

Graphic Leftovers

  • EPS + JPG with same filename
  • EPS format 8 or 10
  • JPG preview should be as big as possible, minimum is 3MPx
  • Illustration shouldn't contain ‚Sample text‘ (they can accept it only on a solid background)

Can Stock Photo

  • EPS + JPG packed in one ZIP file
  • EPS format 8 or 10
  • Can Stock Photo use the JPG just for IPTC information. The final JPG versions will generate automatically from the EPS file.


  • Format EPS or AI packed in ZIP file, JPG preview should have the same name as ZIP
  • Or you can upload EPS and JPG with same filename
  • JPG preview size should be min 350×350px, but you should again upload as big as possible (if you upload bigger JPG, then it can be sold as a raster version), maximal size is 18 MPx


  • EPS+ JPG packed in one ZIP file
  • EPS format 8 or 10, AI
  • minimum JPG preview size is 3.4 MPx (2400 х 1600 px)


  • EPS + JPG with same filename
  • EPS format 8 or 10
  • JPG preview as big as possible

Overview table

Microstock Agency Formats EPS 10
Shutterstock Shutterstock EPS + JPG YES
Fotolia Fotolia ZIP (EPS + JPG) YES
Dreamstime Dreamstime JPG, manually EPS YES
iStockphoto iStockphoto manually EPS + JPG NO
BigStock BigStock EPS YES
Graphic Leftovers Graphic Leftovers EPS + JPG YES
Can Stock Photo Can Stock Photo ZIP (EPS + JPG) YES
Crestock Crestock EPS + JPG YES
Crestock Depositphotos ZIP (EPS + JPG) YES
Stockfresh Stockfresh EPS + JPG YES

My recomendations

I'm creating the JPG preview of the size around 15 Mpx (some explanations is here: What is the best vector image size for selling in microstock?) it is a little big, but it can be used and sold as a raster / bitmap illustration on the sites, that don't support vectors, or for users, that don't know how to vork with vectors and preffer big JPGs.

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Very usable list about sites. Istock now accepts EPS10, so that should be a relief(depends on how much one likes iStock) for many..

David Baker

What is the best document size to work with, the size that can fit all microstock agencies ,without finetuning sizes for each other???

Thank you


maybe you are looking for this article: What is the best vector image size for selling in microstock?


Thank you for the reply and tips!! Really appreciate that! And merry christmas!!!


I forgot to ask one question??? Create the 15 megapixel jpeg preview in 300 dpi or 72 dpi resolution???


when you are creating the JPG preview, you don't need to specify the resolution, just the width or height – more info is in this article: How to prepare vector illustration for microstock sale

David Baker


Do I need to make my image exactly 4000×4000???? Most of my images are around

Which Zip program should I use to zip my files?? Can you recommend the Zip program that works fine on Fotolia, canstock and depositphotos and similar sites??

I am using Stuff it for mac and expresszip in PC usually in my job routines.
In this case, I am not sure which Zip program to use because it may work for this but not others.

Thank you again for yr help.


Hi David,
no, you don't need to use exactly 4000×4000.
4000×2000 = 8 Mpx, 4000×3600 = 14.4 Mpx
It is quite enough.

I don't work on mac, so I can't recommend you any. The result must be just .zip file. So try, what you have and you will see.

David Baker

Once again, Thank you for the info!!! Wishing u a Merry Christmas!


Great list, thanks! One little update is missing, iStock changed their file type to AI10 EPS, you can see the announcement here:­…mes­sages.php?…


some of the sites I visited require IPTC metadata along with the images sent to them. I applied the info in Adobe Illustrator and clicked „ok“ and then saved the work but the data was blank when I opened the file to check it. Is this a common problem? Do you have any solutions? thanks.


The IPTC metadata must be in the JPG file, not in the EPS or AI! I don't know, how it works in Illustrator – probably you have to add those information first and then export the JPG. I use standalone freeware utility for adding IPTC to JPG files – PhotoStock the free version is good enough for it.


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