Free Forrst invite

I have one free Forrst invitation for you (I know Forrst is not as good as Dribbble, but it is good start for you – if you have Forrst account you have better chance to get Dribbble invitation).

Do you want it? It is quite simple, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Write here a comment with a link to your portfolio and a brief statement about why you want to be on Forrst.
  2. Leave a tweet that mentions @orsonsurf with a link to this post. For example:„Forrst Invite Giveaway!­/forrstinv (via @orsonsurf)“

You can also follow me on Twitter, because I will write there who is the lucky winner and also in the future I will announce there another free Dribbble / Forrst invitations. You can as well follow me on Forrst.

And what if you don’t win the invite in this contest?!

Well I have only one free invitation, so there is a big chance, that you will not get it :)

But don’t be sad. If you are a graphic designer or vector illustrator or photographer, try microstock – just create an account on one of the microstock sites, upload your work and start collecting dollars – it is much better than „likes“ and „comments“, you can trust me :).

I wrote one long article about it 2 weeks ago: Are you a graphic artist looking for work? Try drawing / taking photos for microstocks – seasonal work, a second income or full-time work


  1. some of my work can be seen here:
    more recent stuff is on my facebook page:­covercounts

    I think networking and meeting other designers is what makes us better. I’d love to have an account on Forrst for that reason.

  2. I want to join the Forrst community because I’m still a student and I think it’s a great way to improve myself. As a rookie I think I can learn a lot from feedback from more experienced designers and developers. And I hope I can help other people by giving them useful feedback.

    My work can be seen on http://michael­

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