My handmade creative project – Dubanci / Acorn elves

Few years ago I started creating animals and figures from chestnuts and acorns. Over time, I have improved the figures and their photography – you can see more images on their English Acorn Elves site or on the Czech Dubanci site.

Also there are two e-shops, where you can buy Acorn elves products (calendars, t-shirts, postcards, posters and much more):

In 2015 I started to share them on social networks, where they had great success. Photos of the toilet acorn elf probably flew around the entire internet world. I tried to make a wall calendar from the photographs and it was a quite successful achievement. After the end of the season, I was not able to say goodbye to these little creatures and I continued to produce them the entire winter and spring (luckily the kids had collected a large supply of material in the autumn). And so, the entertainment for kids became an entertainment for me.

Now you can buy some of my products with funny acorn elves on my Zazzle store Dubanci:

Postcards T-shirts Posters Puzzles
Mugs Calendars Buttons  


English / French book with acorn elves

New book with acorn elves photos - standard version
New bilingual book, featuring 160 pages filled with 155 hilarious photos of these whimsical creatures. With witty captions in both French and English, this book is perfect for fans of all ages who can’t get enough of the delightful world of Acorn elves. Don’t miss out on the fun – order your copy today!

You can also read more information about my creative project on the site or just follow me on instagram, twitter or facebook and enjoy their photos (there are hundreds of photos already). Or look on some wideos on YouTube and TikTok. Acorn elves are also on LinkedIn and Pinterest.


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      1. Thank you . I have a question again about making a vector approximately in one day you can create some vector?

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