iStockPhoto: Your uploaded sample file is not a valid ZIP file

Did you get this message when you uploaded your first sample illustration on iStockphoto and you are sure, that you ZIP your EPS file? Don’t worry, the problem is not in your file (probably).

The problem is in the browser, that happens sometimes when you use Mozilla Firefox. Another problem with this browser is when you upload photo or illustration, you type in all desired information (name, description, keywords), then you hit submit, but just because there is some duplicity in keywords (or some other small problem) firefox lost all your inputs…

So my tip is: Don’t use Firefox on iStockphoto, use Internet Explorer instead!


  1. Thanks for the advice, but, unfortunately I keep on getting that error message when using IE, I’m so frustrated it’s hard to imagine, can you please please advice?

    Thanks in advanced.

  2. Maybe try another browser. What program did you use for creating the ZIP? Maybe you should try some other (I used Total Commander and it was OK)

  3. Thanks for being so fast.. I also use Total Commander, and I use Mozilla as a browser. In the meantime I searched googled this error, and I can see that I am not the only one with this problem. I will try with Chrome, and let you know..

  4. Oh and one more question if it’s allowed: where do I include my scanned sketches, or photos which I used for my vector, for proof? In the same zip?

  5. I am so stupid… I asked you a question, than I was desperately looking for the answer, and had about 30 tabs open in my browser.. than I saw you saying „Maybe try another browser….“ and I thought you were already answering my question. I am sorry for the mess, you can erase all of my comments now. You’ve helped me without even knowing :)

  6. zsooofja: that was good :) you found the answers yourself!

    But yesterday I have also some problems with uploading some files on iStockPhoto. I hope, that they already fixed it.

  7. I faced with the error on chrome ( v 4.1.2… ), haven’t tryied Firefox, but IE ( weird ) helped..
    Thanks for post..

  8. Hello,

    I bumped into the same problem, only the browser was not firefox, but chrome.
    It would be only normal to make the site work for various browsers instead of redirecting us to a specific one.

  9. I feel so crazy for upload on mozilla.
    i don’t know before, the problem come from my browser,

    Thank you very much

    I use Chrome and completed the upload task.

  10. First of all, thank all of you, the Post Master & audience. Finally, I done it after 1 day try. First day I tried with Mozila but it not work, but today I try to your advice & I got it. My special thanks to you MR.Orson. Finally I’m using Internet explorer.

  11. This is the reply from iStock’s customer service team:

    This sounds like a caching issue. Please clear the cache on your browser, log out then log back in and try again.

    I’ll try it later.

  12. i have same problem. since 4 days im trying to upload sample illustration bu still same error..
    *i saved correct file format
    *i zipped with winrar
    *i have tried diffrent browsers (opera,chrome,ie)
    *i cleaned cache

    still same.

  13. Hi,
    Can anybody help me here please….What dose this mean Your uploaded sample file was not included. Please select the sample file and try again? This happen-end to me on Istock when uploading a picture.

    Should I also try another browser or do I need to change sample file in lightroom?

  14. Hi,

    I am new to Illustration and I found your opinion is very useful. I have been try to upload file in iStock. But when I convert the illustrator ai file to eps it says ‘converted file’ and when I open the same file in AI CS6 the layers i have been created disappearing. further images also not looking what exactly I have created.. Kindly help me.

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