Microstock earnings report – September 2009

September was the Best Month Ever (BME) for me in microstock. And I’m awaiting that another BME will be in October and also in November, because in those months are the microstock earnings the highest for every year (you can check it on my last graph in the article). I had also the BME on Shutterstock and Dreamstime.


September microstock earnings report

Extended licences

Best microstock sites this moth

Final order of best selling sites for September 2009 (the order is same as previous month except last two positions):

  1. Shutterstock
  2. Dreamstime
  3. Stockxpert
  4. Fotolia
  5. iStockphoto
  6. BigStockPhoto
  7. 123RF

Plans for the next two months

Draw a lot of new illustrations and upload, upload, upload (now, when iSyndica offers vector upload and Fotolia can finally read the IPTC from JPG preview it will be much easier and quicker). I have to upload some illustrations to iStockPhoto also. This agency is really good in selling, but the upload process is TERRIBLE!.


  1. Hi Orson,
    just a question regarding isyndica. How come I can’t seem to find Shutterstock under Channels? Is there something wrong with my account, or me?


  2. No, your account is OK. Shutterstock just doesn’t want to cooperate with iSyndica. But I think, that you can use a generic Photo or Illustration FTP Channel for uploading.

  3. I see, so that’s the reason. I was hoping that I can view analytics from Shutterstock together with other channels.

    Thanks a lot for the info :)

  4. Hi! Why haven’t you upload more illustrations to IS since you started in 2006? You have a lot of success with very few pictures, just because of the upload system?

    cheers and nice work!

  5. Yes, exactly – because of the upload system. But to be fair, I’m there just one year with illustrations – it was quite difficult to succeed.

    But I’m trying now to get there more illustrations – it is hard, but possible :)

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