What is the best vector image size for selling in microstock? [UPDATED]

Few months ago I wrote an article about preparing vector illustration for sale in microstock and there I wrote, that 16 Megapixels should be the ideal size for the JPG preview. But now I made a small research and found, that 16 Megapixels is not enough!. Now – after the closing of StockXpert microstock agency site – the situation is a bit different and 15 Megapixels is enough

Why you should create so big JPG previews?

On most sites, you will get bigger charge for bigger formats. Don’t forget, that not everybody wants or needs illustration in vector EPS format and also some microstock agencies don’t accept this format at all (or the upload is too complicated) – that’s the reason, why you have to prepare and upload the big JPG version too.

What are the size categories on microstock agencies?

Here is the table of top microstock agencies with information about the biggest formats (sure, that you can upload even bigger format, but there is no reason for it):

Agency Size Size in pixels Mpx
Dreamstime Highest Size 3000 × 4000 12 Mpx
Fotolia 15 Mpx (XXL) 3000 × 5000 15 Mpx
30 Mpx (XXXL) 3800 × 7800 30 Mpx
Stockxpert A4 (XL) 2400 × 3500 8.5 Mpx
A3 (XXL) 3500 × 4800 17 Mpx
Can Stock Photo X-Large 2600 × 3900 10 Mpx
Crestock Extra Large 2800 × 4200 12 Mpx

Some agencies like Shutterstock or iStockphoto don’t sell vector illustrations in JPG format – that’s why they are not mentioned in the table.

If you ignore Fotolia with the extraordinary size category 30 Megapixels, you will find out, that the best size for illustrations is around 17 Megapixels (A2 / XXL from Stockxpert) – this is about 3500 × 4800 pixels, or 4200 × 4200 pixels for square format.

Update after closing of StockXpert

If you ignore Fotolia with the extraordinary size category 30 Megapixels, you will find out, that the best size for illustrations is 15 Megapixels – this is about 3000 × 5000 pixels, or 3900 × 3900 pixels for square format.


  1. Does Dpi matter when saving in big files?
    I see various sites like dreamtimes and fotolia listing different sizes at 72 dpi and 300dpi.

    Do u save the big size jpeg(3000×4000) at 72 dpi ? If so, why does dreamtimes and fotolia have 3000×4000 at 300dpi????

    Pls advise. Thank you.

  2. Hi Jet,
    it doesn’t matter if you are using Pixels or DPI – pixels and DPI are same. DPI is just conversion from digital units (pixels) to real units on printed image (dots). So either you specify the image size in pixels (as I did it) or you specify it in inches + DPI.

    Another (and maybe better) explanation is here: Resolution explained (pixels, DPI, inches)

  3. Can I resize my old vectors that were rejected for being too small? If so, what is the prosedure for it?

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