I’m back! Site will be updated soon…

I'm backSorry for the delay (7 months), but now this site should be updated more often (I really want to work on it).

There were several reasons for this delay. The main one was, that I didn’t have enough time, because of moving from flat to house (we are still working on adjustment of our new house), new baby in family (lovely Anna, now she will have 10 months). So I spent more day time with family and night time with Adobe Illustrator (I have to feed the microstock beast more, because I need money for my mortgage).

But now… Now I want to update this site regularly. There are several articles, I want to publish soon, the first one should be published today.

I’m not sure, if I will regularly continue with microstock earnings reports (main reason is, that I lost some source data – my excel table with earnings, r.i.p my flash disk without backup). Do you find such reports interesting or not?

Right now I have quite a long list of topics I want to write about. But I’m not sure which are more important and valuable for you. So can you please use comments under this article and write me, what do you want to read here on Selling Grpahics site?


  1. im interested how u make money mostly from illustration not from photos, i desperate to start working on microstock but i dont have DSLR cam, n i’ve read on ur previous comments that ur portofolio mostly contain of illustration n selling well…..thats make me thing…thats it thats my way to get through this….so please i like to read more from u about ur approach when making illustration or ur tips perhaps.
    thnks man ur blog are best.

  2. Glad to see you back again Orson! I’ve been coming back time and again, hoping you’ll update the earnings report. Personally I find it interesting and helpful, so if it’s not too much trouble, I hope you will continue that :)

    Contrary to what the other comment, I’m interested in microstock photography as opposed to illustrations, but if you are focusing solely on illustrations (ie do not have any photographs in your portfolio), then I don’t mind illustrations.

    Basically, I hope to read about more tips on selling microstock, the latest trends etc, basically on how you make money through photography! :)

    What topics do you have in mind? Maybe you can list them down and let us choose :)

  3. Thanks for pointing me to your site :) only skimmed through it a little for now but it already strikes me as amazingly useful – will be coming back for more and passing on the link ;)

    I thought it was brilliant that you show your earnings reports, very insightful and useful to check out. Thanks ;)

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