Microstock earnings report – May 2010

It looks like that microstock season is here – the sales at the end of May were similar to sales before Christmas! Especially sales on Shutterstock were nice – I had there my best month ever and another BME was on BigStock.

As you can see from the graph below, I didn’t add much images to microstock within last two months (the reason was, that we were moving from flat to a new house and I didn’t have enough time for feeding the microstock beast), but the results (earnings) didn’t change much. That is one of the positives on the microstock! Of course you shouldn’t stop feeding the most hungry agency – Shutterstock, otherwise the results would be much worse.


Microstock earnings report for May 2010

Extended licences

This month I had 3 extended licence on Shutterstock (maybe also this is the reason of BME).

Best microstock sites this moth

Order of best selling sites for May 2010 is same as last month:

  1. Shutterstock
  2. Dreamstime
  3. Fotolia
  4. iStockphoto
  5. BigStockPhoto
  6. 123RF


  1. Hi Leremy
    You are right! There is more reasons for it – the biggest is lack of time – in May, my second child was born and at the same time we moved from a flat to the house. I’m spending more time with family and in the evenings I don’t have enough time to work on new articles :(

    But I want to return! I will try to write something new soon…

  2. Hi, nice results! I´ve a question. Do you know any software or web where i can upload my illustrations and distribute them from that web? you know, like isyndica. How do you organize your illustrations to upload them to different microstock sites?

    Thank you so much for your attention!

  3. Hi,
    I don’t know about such service now. So I’m uploading manually to all 6 or 7 sites. If you find some, let me know! Thanks.

  4. nice work, congratulations

    I´ve a question too :) You have the same works on these site? I mean is there any restriction that You can’t upload your work other to stocks


  5. Hi,
    Yes, I have the same works on all those sites – you can sell same photos and illustrations wherever you want – but you shouldn’t set exclusivity to some site!

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