Microstock for designers – where to buy photos and illustrations (updated)

As a webdesigner I need quite often some photo or illustration for my graphic designs, or as a part of the website content. At the beginning of my career I used some free stock photo sites, but after some time I realized, that the searching of the right photo took me quite a long time and the result is poor. So I started to use microstock – you can get there photo from few cents and the microstock agencies have really big portfolios (some of them have more than 6 millions items!) and the quality is excellent.

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Microstock earnings report – May 2009

In the middle of the May I made a decision, that I will post my microstock earnings here on my blog. Actually I don’t want to post here my my earnings in dollars (I don’t want to boast about my earnings), but I want to show the trends – if the earnings are going up or down (I’m quite stable in submitting). The graphs also show you, what are the best microstock sites for selling images – that’s the reason, why there are 2 graphs – one showing the money and another showing number of submitted images.

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How to set illustration’s color mode to RGB

Sometimes Shutterstock rejects some of my illustration with this message:

Color Profiles – Your image contains both RGB and CMYK color profiles. Please resubmit your vector with only 1 color profile.

The problem is that I used (during the drawing of this illustration) some CMYK color – maybe I took if from some swatch, or I used part of some other illustration, which was in CMYK mode. It is quite easy to convert illustration back to one – RGB – color mode.

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